What is Dual?

Dual is an AI agent that connects with third party dating apps after user approval. It swipes, flirts, messages, and schedules dates based on the preferences of the user saving them time and effort. Dual users don’t need to open dating apps ever again.

How does Dual work?

Dual uses Chat GPT services in the backend to flirt, message, and schedule dates based on the preferences of the user.

How much does Dual cost?

Dual is free for a week and costs $30/month after the free trial.

Is it safe to use Dual?

Dual doesn’t save any passwords or authentication keys of any third-party apps. Users can revoke Dual’s access to their apps whenever they want. Third party dating applications might ban user accounts for using bot services. Dual takes significant efforts in not qualifying as a bot by performing personalized actions approved by users. However, users should join Dual at their own risk. Dual doesn’t take any responsibility if a user’s account is banned by a third party dating application.


AI agent to swipe, message,
and score hot dates





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